Alright, so that project that I let you all know I was going to be working on, is officially starting. I understand that I have been slacking off, but I will at the very least be trying to post once a week. To be honest, I’m just intimidated by working on a story with actual seriousness. I’ve been writing for a long time, but had never really let anyone see any of it, with the exception of this story I’ve been putting off.

That changes today. I’ve decided today to revamp chapter one, as I read that a good chapter for a young adult book (which is what I’m thinking this may be?) is around 3,000 words. As such, I’ve been working on things to add and things to take out. Today is the day that I start that.

SO. Be expecting an update today, and don’t be surprised if the first “chapter” gets moved to a different category, as chapter one will ideally be replaced by the end of today/tomorrow. To all two of you that read my blog, thanks for your time!

And now, the weather.