The End of the Beginning

With the semester coming to an end and therefore required blog posts coming to an end, I am pleased to announce that it will not be the end of “Bloggings of a Madwoman.” The semester has been a hard one, things have been crazy. I’ve been up and down with bouts about myself and the world about me. It’s a thing. If any of you keep up with my posts, you’d see that the required blogs have almost always been late, albeit done, and the ones about writing pop up sporadically. Well, that is about to end. The required blogs are going to disappear, but the writing will continue.

Photo CC by Amanda TIpton...A child interpretation of my man trying to get me to work on/put out my work.

Photo CC by Amanda TIpton…A child interpretation of my man trying to get me to work on/put out my work.

Words, Words, Words

Going through my blogs from the beginning of the semester was a long, tedious process that took quite some time. With a majority of my blogs I found that I either wrote too much or wrote the bare minimum. There’s no in between for me, it seems. As my Personal Learning Project revolved around writing, I had posted a few blogs that contained some of my writing exercises which was a difficult thing for me to do.

As most of my blogs were pretty lengthy, it took quite a bit of time to get through them. I am pretty proud of the fact that I was able to put out this much material given the time we had. I don’t know why, but I feel pretty proud of the giant walls of texts that I created. However, with length, there comes a price of how many readers you can attract. Many people who follow blogs look for short tidbits of advice or blurbs on personal lives. My blog consists of lots of words interspersed with random pictures and attempted humor.

The Content

The content was spot on. I conveyed the message that I needed to convey, even without the intent of going into teaching on a K-12 level. Much of the content I find that I am able to apply to myself, and I will more than likely be using many of the techniques I learned about in this class in the college classroom.

There are a few different types of blogs that I have been keeping. The first type of blog is the required blogs about the reading done for class. I found these sort of fun sometimes, and other times it was hard for me to pump out four hundred words. For a lot of these it was simply bringing about my opinion, which I do often anyway. In many of these blogs I tried to pull out some creative analogy and add a bit of humor (which I thought was funny, dunno about any of you), but eh, I tried. I guess, I wanted to make something even more interesting. However, as I’ve been a digital citizen for quite some time now, I found that I was able to relate to most of the topics, particularly the topic of having an online alter ego. I found that it wasn’t that I was hiding from anyone, I was simply playing my character who I proceeded to write about. To some, I’m Gwendolyn Sah’rit. To others, I’m Sirawyn Firestrider, and still to others I’m simply just Fish. I found that I was able to relate a lot of the topics to gaming in some way, shape, or form, and this is largely due to the fact that a majority of my online citizenship is held there, in Final Fantasy XIV.


The second type of blog was about my personal learning project. I gave updates as to what I was doing in my writing, and not all of it made it to the great blogosphere, though it sure as hell tried. These updates were mostly complaining about editing and updates as to word counts and what types of writing exercises I was taking. The writing exercises usually involved things like “Write first person past tense something or other.” While these were definitely useful, and will probably go under my “personal” category when this blog goes under a complete and total make over. Scheduled for Sunday.

The third type were the actual writing exercises performed. Not all of them are included in the blogs, only the ones I feel were adequate made it. This was the most difficult thing for me. I’ve always loved writing. I’ve got journals upon journals of stuff written and compiled since I was youngster (you can ask Jeff, poor man had to help me move it). However, I’ve never felt the need to share it with anyone. It wasn’t that I thought my shit was too good to behold or anything…It was just a matter of the fact that I didn’t want to disgrace anyone’s eyeballs with it. I never thought my shit was good. Choosing this as a personal learning project for me has helped leaps and bounds. If Dr. Ellington had plans for actual improvement on our personal lives with this, it worked. Thank you, Dr. Ellington.

Tweeter, Tooter, Twitter

The Tweets were honestly the hardest part. I’m a wordy person and one hundred forty characters is dang hard! We had twenty of these babies to write out every week, and I’m not gonna lie, I did try to make things interesting. I included pictures, videos, anything I could to get the Tweets out there. I did notice an evolution of my Tweets after the PLN and feeding your PLN units. I started including tags and branching out beyond the class. Following different authors and publishers, I also branched out into my hobby: collecting spiders for those of you who haven’t noticed. Spiders have been a general theme, along with gaming, for my Tweets, blogs, and sometimes even comments on others’ blogs.

One could say I’m a little obsessed.

It’s kind of scary really. Where normal people threaten to burn the house down if they see a spider, I try to hold it to bring it outside where it can actually find food. Where others see disgust, I see a small animal that is horribly misunderstood and is just trying to survive this gods forsaken planet just as we are. But, I’m getting off topic. I guess what I’m trying to say here, is that if I didn’t include pictures and stuff, the Tweets felt a little forced if that makes sense.

Blog Comments

I think I lied about the Tweets being the hardest part. Commenting on the blog posts were the hardest part because it was hard…or impossible…to add a creative spin on to it. I loved reading what the others had to say, and I could definitely tell who gave a shit and who didn’t about the class. So it wasn’t reading others’ blogs, it was commenting. Almost all of the comments I felt were forced…so eventually I started seeking out those who posted things that I didn’t necessarily agree with. I wasn’t trying to start arguments or anything, I just wanted something to write about. It’s difficult to post comments when you agree with literally everything said.

That Being Said

I would say this class was a success. I walked out of it a better person. I can’t lie, there were times that I struggled, but most of it was with timing. Not the course itself. I feel like I learned a lot. Frankly, I wish all of my classes were like this.