Virgin Haiku

Too tired for this
Please let me sleep sometime soon
Why did I wait? Fuuuuuuck.

Two Sentence Creepy Story

Finals. I should have studied….

Life In Seven Words

Jinx, why are you such a butthead?

TV Guide Remix

A necrophilic rag doll gets ignored by her dead lover and tries to save a fat man from doom. Said dead lover should have listened and they both save the day. (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Flash Fiction About a Piece of Clothing *for this one, I decided to make it related to my big writing project coming up. So sue me.* 

The jacket was a nice, worn black leather jacket probably made for a man. At least, it wore like it would fit a man. It was my favorite. At least I had something to be grateful for, I was wearing it when I died. Because of that, I got to keep here, in this fucked up after life. Maybe it’d protect me from whatever fucked up horrors awaited me. How the hell was I, Annsui Annen, supposed to fight an angel? And live? Aren’t those fuckers, like, incredibly powerful?

My sacrifice, too, had been steep. Love? What on Earth made me want to sacrifice that? To strengthen my chances of survival, I guess. I found that this jacket that Seth had given me didn’t even hold the same value it had when I was alive. It was no longer an item of…sentiment. He was just another person, and the one that I died because of. Sighing loudly, I began to wonder if I’d ever get used to this empty feeling inside my chest. There was just…nothing there. I wanted to miss him. I wanted to pine over him. But I couldn’t bring myself to it. No matter how hard I tried. Now this jacket was just another piece of clothing to keep me warm.