The Internet, as I’ve mentioned before in several of my prior blogs, is full of all sorts of things that can actually be pretty useful. Not only can it be used to aid you in your job/studies, but you can also use it to cultivate an incredibly rich learning network full of peers in your same study, and can also be used to create things online and share them. The latter is something we just talked about in Digital Literacy.

I’m not going to lie to you. When Bitstrips, and other creation tools along that same vein, became popularized, I thought it was stupid. But, I made my own little character anyway. I didn’t really get what the hubbub was all about.

That has Changed

I made myself a character when Bitstrips had first become a thing, but never really went super far with it. Mostly, because I was annoyed at everyone else having one, which is a stupid reason, I know. But, having had to make a few for class, I can kinda see exactly what the hubbub was about.

Here’s a bit of what I made, as a reflection on my Personal Learning Project, which is actually going swimmingly believe it or not:



Jeff tried.

Jeff tried.

Jeff won.

Jeff won.

Fish dedicates her first novel to Jeff because of his

Fish dedicates her first novel to Jeff because of his “patience.”

It’s actually going a bit smoother than the bitstrips suggest, though it is pretty hard to get me to actually sit down and do it. I have the attention span of a potato.

So How Can This Actually Be Used?

Well, as I’m wanting to a professor, a teacher of sorts, though not on the elementary level, I believe that it can be used in the classroom to promote creativity mostly. Students when creating themselves in this alternate “universe” so to speak place themselves in these situations in which they can really get creative. I messed around with some of the other options given, though Bitstrips seemed to me the most user friendly.

To be honest, I kinda still wanna mess around with it. I think it’s really a fun idea, and I didn’t realize how in depth you can go as to changing up the scenes. You can change everything from who is doing what to body positions, to even altering already existing faces (if you’re doing this on the computer. The phone app doesn’t have this). Basically, I thought it was hilarious to make Jeff the bad/actuallygood guy in my comics, and I think it worked out well. Now, just imagine what the students would be able to do with this technology!