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I have a confession to make: I have been procrastinating. There’s not really a good reason for this other than the fact that I have been spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME playing Final Fantasy XIV. This isn’t really a good reason, but a lot has happened in game. I joined an amazing Free Company, got married (this is actually a pretty cool experience in game), got better armor, new mounts, and have been strengthening my friendships in game. It’s pretty cool, because I’m in a fairly small but high ranked FC, meaning we’re all pretty tight knit. Everyone helps everyone get through things, whether it’s leveling a new class or trying to get a new piece of armor, to something simple like making new minions for those (like me) that haven’t really worked all that hard on their crafting classes.

My husband and I, with Thal in the background. Photo taken by Thal.

My husband and I, with Thal in the background. Photo taken by Thal.

This picture was at our wedding. The reason this wasn’t all a bad thing is because of the fact that it completely changed how I’m going to write my fanfic. There will be new characters, Gwen’s story (while not completely changed) has taken some pretty intense turns, and all around, it’s gonna be fun to write about. I’ve mentioned my fan-fic workings to some of my FC mates, and they all said it was a great idea. One of them even suggested that when it was all said and done that I should submit it to Square Enix and see if they want to do anything with it. As my writing is still not that incredibly strong, this will be needing work. But, with more time and with help from the DS106 assignments, as well as my chief editor (Jeffy<3), I think I’ll start to get better.

I’m submitting this to the DS106 website, which you can find here. 

Without any further ado, here is what I’ve been working on:

Character Creation Assignment

Name: Gwendolyn Sah’rit

Age: 21

Race: Miqo’te

Appearance: Obligatory cat ears and tail. Hair is white with ears and tail matching. One eye is a deep blue, the other is white and milked over. Somewhat short for her race, which is tall only to lalafell. Fit, but that’s expected as she is an adventurer. Always a smile on her face.

Height: Around 5’3

Likes: Music, dancing, adventuring, animals, people, hyperactivity, women, men, hyur, roegadyn, lalafell, miqo’te, women, pasta, singing, being outside, being inside, alcohol, stories, annoying people, big hugs, healing people, small hugs, hunting, trees, Zairi, stars, the sun, the moon, rain, sunlight, jumping in puddles, laying in the grass on a sunny day/night, Kassius, art, smoke, fire (the way it looks anyway), holding hands, cuddles, making people sneeze via her luscious tail, poetry, friends, staffs, wands, shields, Drakk, sweet-ass armor, winning, Claira, dessert, challenges, Nyarly, fluffy things, and not vegetables

Dislikes: Vegetables

Place in the World: Adventurer, of course!

Obligatory Backstory Blurb: Gwen is a sweet girl with a love of life. The loss of her parents after the Calamity never turned her into a bitter person, instead, it made her grateful for the life she does have. Moving from her home in Forgotten Springs to Limsa Lominsa shortly after the Calamity, she quickly became friends with the proprietor of the Drowning Wench who suggested that she become an adventurer. As the man had turned into somewhat of a father figure for her and she loved helping people, she decided to grow what limited magical abilities she had by training in the Black Mage’s guild in Ul’dah. She made friends wherever she went, and quickly found a group that she adventured with regularly. Usually hired by the Immortal Flames, the group also set to helping others for little to no pay, sometimes even accepting mere homecooked meals for payment. The group became stronger, both through their individual powers and through their friendship. It was during one of the quests given by the Immortal Flames that something went awry. Gwen’s offensive spells were not enough to protect her closest friend who perished in the same fight that cost her the eyesight in the left eye.

After the incident, Gwen went through some emotional turmoil. She knew that had she become a white mage, rather than a black mage, she would have been able to save Zairi and her life would be incredibly different right now. So, she decided to travel to Gridania to begin her studies as a white mage. She threw her entire being into it, and joined a new guild who called themselves Bahamut’s Chosen. Quickly growing as a white mage, she became one of the more powerful in the land as well as her newfound friends.

**Note: This is a fanfic taken for my character from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Other characters aside from Gwen are based from other player characters and I received permission from them to use their characters in the story. **