It’s Okay to be Takeied7

Many of my recent posts have been about the changing of times. I am a firm believer in the fact that change isn’t always a bad thing and that sometimes “the good ol’ days” is just a bunch of people unwilling to accept it. Activism today takes on many more platforms than it did in even in the recent past–and almost all of it is online. These platforms are on sites that you use everyday: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, WordPress, YouTube, Reddit…the list goes on. People are posting their opinions, making their opinions known and their voices heard. More than that, they are actually doing something, contrary to the belief of those that fetishize the word “slactivism.” You see, it’s called activism for a reason, and what better way to get information or plan something for the masses than the wonderful invention that is the Interwebz? george-takei-fabulous_original

One of the most prominent digital activists I can think of is former Star Trek actor (and idol of mine) George Takei, seen on the left. He started by speaking out against Japanese Internment camps and has moved to a much more…digital…platform pertaining to all sorts of injustices in the world. The most prominent of these injustices pertaining to gay rights. The man has helped public opinions be known by organizing polls, He works as a spokesperson for the HRC, and He is a frontman on every social media site you can imagine. Basically, He’s a god. Or He should be. I’d like to live in a world where He was god. You can view His blog here 

But I’m Not As Awesome As George Takei. How Can I Be a Digital Activist? George_Takei-A_-_Copy

Well, love, no one is as cool as George Takei. But you can follow in His footsteps like the Ugly Ducklings have! They may not reach as many as 8 million viewers a day like George Takei has, but they do touch lives, and they work as an inspiration to those that need it and bother to seek them out. They’re message is simple: those that think that they are ugly ducklings may actually just be swans. They follow in His footsteps, maybe even without realizing it by covering topics this-is-george-takei-s-first-tumblr-post-264ded23d6 such as bullying, loving yourself, being kind to others, and most importantly: loving yourself. This last one is particularly difficult for me and many many many others like me. However, they post things like this and suddenly I realize I don’t have it so rough, and I can do whatever the hell I want and succeed. I’m not the only one out there that feels this way either. Their pages are filled with comments about how their respective posts have helped change lives for the better. Just like George Takei. The United States and maybe even the world would honestly be a much shittier place without Him.