After forming a Personal Learning Network, finding out about how to be an active participant in said learning network, and actually participating in said network, it was high time I learned to actually be a member of this digital world I am entering kicking and screaming.

Maybe not exactly kicking and screaming, though I’m fairly new to Tweeting and/or blogging.

There are several parts of being a member of this digital age, depending on how active you are in it. As it turns out, I am extremely active, and not just for class. Obviously, I have a Facebook. But having an online identity is so much more than that. For instance, any account you have, be it for a forum, Pinterest, Twitter, you name it. I’ve limited mine to Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress….or so I thought.

Like my boyfriend, who had started a DBZ fanpage when he was a youngin’, I was also part of different forums dedicated to different things. One of these I mentioned in a prior post about roleplaying. I didn’t really create that, but I was still an extremely active member. I was also a member to various gaming forums. That’s just what I do. Had it not been for drama between various members leading to the ultimate destruction of said website, I’d still be posting on it.

I’ve been an active member of Ze Great and Powerful Interwebz since I was a freshman in highschool, first starting out in gaming…kind of…if you can call it that… (Yes, games count as part of your online identity!) with Runescape. I was a total dweeb for it. I had a Myspace too, one that I was pretty proud of. Then, that all vanished with Facebook, where I continue to have an identity. I was always vaguely familiar with the idea of a digital footprint, so I took minor precautions in leaving anything that’s discriminating. Thing is though, I didn’t really need to try. Cyberbullying was never something I participated in, and would stop if I ever saw it happening, so that wasn’t an issue for me. I make it a point to write with semi-proper English, unless I’m typing how I talk, and even then, I’ll add apostrophes in words like “ain’t.” But the point is, it sticks with you.

My current identity is still pretty active. I’m active on Facebook, Twitter, Word Press, Final Fantasy 14, and even on as a person who likes comments (not much more there.) If someone wanted information about me, they could get it. They wouldn’t find much dirt, save for maybe a few pictures of me partying as a legal adult, and then it’s still not too risque (well, you’d find a picture or two of me topless as a one year old…wooooo). Again, nothing that I wouldn’t be afraid to show. See?

Yep. That's me. In all my baby glory.

Yep. That’s me. In all my baby glory.

We were challenged to google ourselves, and I found a dead link to my old Myspace, and a few pictures that I left up with my friend Jacob and I in the image section. A detailed Google search will bring up links to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, while a search of both my emails (formal and informal) bring up close to nothing, with the exception of a brief mention of me as LTG in the Rocky Mountain District for Key Club. Not exactly something I want to hide.

As for actually being a citizen you ask?


Well, this is my character in Final Fantasy. Those of you reading this more than likely know what I look like in real life, and know that I obviously don’t have cat ears and a tail. Nor do I currently have blue hair (though, that has actually been a thing). Now, those looking at this picture could probably figure out where I spend a lot of my time. They’d be able to tell that I not only play Final Fantasy XIV, but also that my character’s name is Gwendolyn Sah’rit, and I play on the server Famfrit. They would also be able to tell that I have put in enough time to reach max level, but not enought to get higher level armor. That’s a lot to gather from a picture. If they were to Google her, they would find links to me a couple of different sites, including the Square Enix website and my freecompany’s forum. None of this I am ashamed of. I wouldn’t try to hide any of this, especially because I play my character well. I treat other players in game as I would like to be treated. As a healer, I can raise people that have died in open world, I can offer advice to newer players, and I can go on raids with people from all over the world. And I do. I treat everyone in game how I would like to be treated, and that’s how it should be in games. My friends in game do the same, which is probably why we’re friends.

UntitledMy Facebook says a bit more about me, because I post more about myself than just my character in game. Based on my posts and what I’ve been tagged in for the past few years, one would be able to tell I have an obsession with spiders, that I am a proud tarantula owner, I have an interesting sense of humor, and I stand for equal rights. I do occasionally swear, but even that’s kept low because I have people on my Facebook that don’t necessarily want to see that.

So far, I’d say I’ve been an alright Digital Citizen, and I plan on keeping it that way. Employers if they were to look me up would find that I love fun and helping others, but also that I’m into books, spiders, and gaming. These are things I wouldn’t mind being known. Though, I’d be curious to see what others could dig up on me.