Readers, as mentioned earlier, I have formed my very own personal learning network, or as most would call it as it is simpler, a PLN. This PLN is almost organic, as it can diminish or grow depending on what you do with it. Since it’s birth a week ago, I have had a week to spend with it and figure out exactly how it works. As ultimately my goal is to improve my writing ability, I formed my PLN around mostly authors, publishers, editors, and blogs that are meant just for those that wish to improve their craft.

Naturally, the latter is the most important for my purpose.

Feedly and Twitter have both been excellent help in the forming of this new, not-quite organic creature. Every time I log on, it sits there staring at me, waiting for me to interact with it. As I’m typically pretty timid, in the beginning I kind of just let it stare at me, while maybe I observed. I did all of the following that was required of me, what more did I need? If you’ll remember, in my fit of following the aforementioned list, I accidentally followed an erotic novel author. While he fit in my “author” criteria, it was not necessarily what I was looking for, not even a little bit. So, I started smoothing it out after some observation. I found some of the authors Tweet only promos for their books, which I don’t necessarily find helpful. However, I find some of the authors actually talking about their writing process, which is actually pretty awesome. Another thing I found was that often when you follow someone, they will follow you back. The retweets and posting links are things that I found to be pretty common in both areas!

Team work makes the dream work after all, yeah? So, I decided I’m no longer going to

Photo CC by Golo. I'm one of the pups. Ann McCaffery is Grand Master Wolf

Photo CC by Golo. I’m one of the pups. Ann McCaffery is Grand Master Wolf

lone wolf it; I’m gonna be a part of this awesome mother-fuckin’ pack of bad ass writers. Most of these authors have amazing things to add to my not-so-encyclopedic knowledge on writing. Listening to advice is the best way to do things. If I feed my questions to this glorious PLN, I get fed answers. If I feed it my writing, I will get fed criticisms and ultimately be a better deer killer.

Long story short, commenting, retweeting, and posting blogs to other people’s shit is the best way to also get retweeted on, comments, and views to your very own blog! It’s a give and take relationship. Lone wolves are, after all, the wolves that got abandoned by the pack because they can no longer offer anything to the pack. I don’t want to be that, do I?

Tangentially related. Look what happened to poor Amumu for being alone. Granted, he tried. He really did. I’d hug him.