There is more than this, but this is what I’m semi-comfortable with sharing. The attempt here is to get better, so criticisms are more than welcome. 

Writing Exercise Numero Uno. Focus on a setting. The setting is that of my happy place. He didn’t specify whether it was to be nonfiction or fiction, so I chose fiction, because that’s where the happiest places are.

Writing Exercise One I’m Sorry.

Everything is so small from up here. Franz and I, we see everything; feel everything. The wind is rushing through my hair and forming currents along Franz’s sleek, leathery hide. I close my eyes for slightly longer than a blink, soaking in this glorious feeling. When I finally open them, the world is at my finger tips. We fly down, swooping past the light house that is perched precariously on the cliff top. Waves are crashing against the cliffs, sending chills down my spine, droplets of water hitting my face as we skim the surface. Soaring higher, the ocean of daffodils behind the lighthouse turn to a blur of yellows and greens. Every part of my being is screaming for more, to go faster. Franz knows, and he obliges, veering to the north, dropping down.

The tips of his wings slightly graze the surface of the rippling water as we pick up speed. Towers of natural rocks come in to view, growing larger as we approach. Before I know it, they are there, enormous, red, and glowering over the two infinitesimal creatures weaving masterfully around them. “This is it,” I murmur softly. He doesn’t need to hear me; again, he knows. We scale the tallest of the towers vertically, and I clutch onto Franz’s soft hide tightly. We alight on the top, and the view is no less breathtaking than the first time I laid my eyes on it.

Nothing is small from this vantage point. We are above the other towers, but they do not make me feel as large as I had before. I am suddenly as an insect, surrounded by these columns of rocks. Franz closes his eyes as though in sleep, his bronze hide shining slightly as he soaks up the sun, his two forelegs crossed in front of him. He seems content as I sit on the edge, my feet dangling over the side, hands stretched out behind me. I myself am soaking up the sun, feeling it warm my cheeks and I sigh with contentment. It’s beautiful, everything is so bright. The sun is reflecting off of the oceans, making everything seem to glimmer. A few clouds line the sky, thin ripples, not quite an exact reflection of the waters below. They move slow. Slow and steady, caressing the skies as gentle as a lover’s touch.

The rock is cool to the touch, smooth too, so smooth it feels almost soft. I lean back and watch the clouds crawl across the skies. Everything is so free here. I can smell nothing except the fresh air, crisp going in, but calming. I close my eyes, looking at the shapes the form instantly behind my eyelids. I see the multicolored outlines of the towers. The jagged shape of the natural protrusions are not so very different, even without my sight. Opening them again, I can see on the tops and sides of the columns some green from plants that have managed to make their homes on the sides on tops of the masts. Some even have trees jutting from the tops. They’re different than the ones on the mainland, some bearing fruit. I wonder idly if any were fit for eating.

Tristen? Franz interjects, I feel as though we should head back now.

I release an audible sigh, “Not yet…” Though, I know he is right. So the flight begins again, and we will have to return some other day.


Alrighty. So that’s that. I’ve one more I’m going to share. I’m sorry. I’ve never really shared my shit before, so this is kind of a…new…experience for me. Once again, criticisms welcome. For either exercise (if any of you are actually reading this. xD) let me know about any parts you may be confused about. These are both fictional worlds, and this one coming up is kind of a fan fic, so obviously I wouldn’t really publish this, it’s working as an exercise for shit I will actually get off my ass and attempt to publish. I suppose technically it’s getting on my ass so I can write…unless I tried standing up and writing…

Exercise Numero Dos consisted of attempting to form characterization through mostly dialogue. So, as I mentioned it’s kind of a nod to Final Fantasy by me ripping off the races and places (ha, rhyme). So ah, here’s me giving credit to Square Enix for all that fun jazz. The characters are mine (and also Jeffy’s as he helped (and by that I mean pretty much completely) create Kassius. So ah…here we go.

Exercise Numero Dos: Dialogue/characterization

Momodi flashed Kassius a smile as he finished signing his name to the sheet of paper. His name was one of many, but this was the beginning of his new life. Maybe now that he was signed up at the Adventurer’s Guild in Ul’dah, his life would start to mean something. The hall was crowded, as if to reflect the massive list of names in front of him.

“That should do it!” she said happily. The little lalafell seemed as excited that he signed up as she probably had been for the hundred or so other names on the list, but it was no matter; he would prove himself. Now that he was officially a member, it would be time to get to business and start looking for work. So far, the city had not impressed him, and he knew that no matter how many names were on that list, it would never quite be enough.

“You!” A voice rang out through the crowd, and Kassius raised his head, recognizing the high, happy tone, “Kass! It’s me! Gwen!” Kassius clenched his jaw, hating the use of the nickname that only the owner of that particular voice dared to use. Looking back, Kassius could see the bright blue hair and cat-like ears of the speaker pushing her way through the crowd. He looked at Momodi, hoping that she had more to say to him as an excuse out the conversation with the obnoxious miqo’te, but it was no use. She was already helping the next soon-to-be adventurer.

How in the Seven Hells did she find me here? Kassius was anything but amused, but she was drawing nearer, and he had already looked. She knew he saw her; there was no leaving. He sighed and turned to find her smiling face beaming up at him. Her ears were perked up, her tail lolling lazily from side to side, and her black eyes were shining; a tell-tale sign that she intended to have a full-fledged conversation.

“Remember me, Kassius? I’m the one that bought you lentils and carrots that one time.” How could he forget? She had spent her last gil on him and had still managed to find her way to Ul’dah. The entire time he had been trying to choke down his food she had beenchatting happily about…something…and he had spent the duration of the meal wishing she would be quiet. She had also run into him multiple times in Limsa Lominsa, making it a point to talk to him. Every. Single. Time. She served as the perfect all-too humbling reminder that he had once needed help to survive.

“Gwendolyn Sah’rit. It’s nice to see you again,” he kept his face carefully neutral so as to keep her from going off into another tangent that he would never be able to escape from, “I didn’t think I ever would. What brings you to Ul’dah?”

Gwen’s face lit up, and Kassius immediately regretted asking. “I came here to study thaumaturgy!” Placing her hands on her hips, she kept a smug, proud smile, “I’m gonna be a black mage. What are you going to train in?”

Kassius blinked, “I ah…”

He wasn’t given much of a chance to answer before Gwen butt in, “Don’t tell me you don’t know! Surely you’ve chosen one of the guilds here to be part of?” Kassius hadn’t thought about it. He had come to Ul’dah seeking fame, fortune, prosperity. So far, he hadn’t seen any of it, but adventuring seemed to be the best way to do it. He didn’t know that you needed to join another guild in order to do it. He scratched the back of his head, looking down at the expectant miqo’te, whose tail was still lolling back and forth annoyingly. Might as well tell the truth, right?

“I…came here searching for glory and fortune. I sort of figured adventuring was the best way to do that,” judging by the look on the miqo’te’s face, he had already said the wrong thing.

Gwen kept her hands placed firmly on her hips, but her go-lucky smile and turned into something of a scowl, “And how do you intend on doing that with exactly no training? Besides, Ul’dah is nothing but a hive of criminals, why would you come here for any other reason?”

“Well, I’d train of course…”

Gwen sighed, “You’re hopeless, you know that right?” However, as was in her nature, she brightened immediately, “I know! You can study thaumaturgy with me! We could–”

Oh gods, no. I am not doing that. “I was thinking more of becoming a disciple of war…” he quickly explained, though, now that he thought about it, it kind of made sense. “Besides, how in Eorzea are you going to be a black mage?”

Her ears fell flat against her head, her tail drooping, “I know I can do it…”

“No, no. I mean you are far too happy to be a black mage,” Kassius smirked at her.

Her ears perked up and the scowl returned, “I can too be a black mage! I already know a bit of magic, see?” A little blue icy ball appeared in her hand, a sure sign that she had already learned her first spell. “Besides, what do you know? You haven’t even picked out a guild yet! You came here blindly!”

“Mhm…Wait, what is that roegadyn doing to that lalafell over there?” Kassius gasped, his face feigning a flawless shocked expression.

Gwen turned to look, her ears twitching to see what she could hear, “I don’t see any–”

“Oh well, ah, I had better go pick out a guild any way.” He said, turning to leave.


“I’ll more than likely see you around!” he said offering her a dazzling smile over his shoulder with a not-quite-cocky half wave. Flawless…

Gwen’s ears sagged and her tail drooped, “Yeah, see you…”


There’s those. Again, there’s more, and maybe next week or the week after I’ll have a bigger batch, but I feel the others need some fine-tuning before they hit the public eye. You know, it’s a thing. Editing. Man. Blagh.