Photo CC Tamboko The Jaguar

Photo CC by Tamboko the Jaguar

Personal Learning Networks, while I had been semi-aware of their existence in the past,were something that I had never really considered. I had always been nervous about sharing my work, and cautious about taking the advice from others, as well as maybe accidentally following an author of a series of erotic novels. This actually happened. Thankfully, that crisis has been averted.

I started forming my PLN via Twitter. Jeff, being the non-procrastinator that he is, did his before I did and talking about lists that he found on the Internet. This was also suggested by Dr. Ellington. However, I’m lazy as hell and decided it would be a good idea to use various hashtags and see what people were posting under those hashtags. As my learning project is about writing and it is indeed pertinent for my future career, I decided to go with that. Though fantasy writing isn’t necessarily necessary (ha!) for teaching college, it’s something that I’d like to do…so that is what I focused my PLN on.

I started my adventure by typing in shit like #writing to see what happened. I stumbled across folks that were using this, some very experienced award-winning authors, others struggling through their first novel. They also used a variety of other hastags such as #amwriting and simply #fiction. Some posted on poetry, but I was focused on just plain ol’ fiction, particularly in the fantasy category. I then decided that perhaps authors weren’t the only way to go. There are others out there involved in the writing process. I started following several publishers, editors, owners of different e-zines.

Photo CC by licornenoir

Photo CC by licornenoir

As far as what I’ve found goes (minus the erotic stuff on accident), I found a lot of helpful things! There are blogs and twitterfeeds that are there solely to give advice to new and veteran writers, which I think is off the chain. I found publishers looking for writers, offering writing contests and the like. This obviously won’t happen until my pen muscles strengthen, but a girl can dream, and now she has the opportunity should the skills be acquired.

Now. As far as the blogs go. I found that most of those that are tweeting about writing have their own blogs. It makes perfect sense! As such, I didn’t have to hunt very long to find some that I approve of. Most of those that I follow are continuously posting links to articles and blogs (mostly blogs though) that are giving helpful hints and even writing prompts to aspiring authors such as muhself. So. This is exciting! Now I have more than one teacher to give me help on all of my writing endeavors.

Also. I don’t play LoL, but this has been my fuckin’ jam this past two weeks. So. Here.