So folks, I’m back with some new…newness…as to how my writing has been going! If you’ve read JMcHotdog’s latest blog, you’d see that it’s going probably too well. I want to spend all of my time writing now, and I dedicate close to no time to my other classes. Isn’t that fabulous? The writing prompt for this week was started a little bit early because I couldn’t contain myself in the sense that I knew relatively what I was going to write about.

I mentioned how it was going to have a bit of comedy etched into it, and as for me, I think I got it….I hope. I mean, I laughed as I was writing it, but that’s also because I’m fairly weird. This week’s prompt was all about characterization. I had to create a scene with two or more characters and I decided I was going to fanfic it. As I am utterly obsessed with Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn, I decided to kind of base it around the characters that JMcHotdog and I created in game. The goal was to make Gwendolyn Sah’rit (my character) as obnoxiously happy as possible, with Kassius Redbird (his, obviously) a bit of a cynic with a serious attitude.

The whole thing takes place in the world of Eorzea, which is the world in which the game takes place in, and they are at The Quicksand (The Adventurer’s Guild). Gwen recognizes him, and bothers him for as long as possible, while making him question his motives. I received the prompt Sunday and had it finished on Monday, ready for his corrections. He sent it back, I re-edited it, sent it back, and now I’m on final draft.

Adhering to the fifth commandment, I have decided I may be ready to show some of my shit, but I am unsure exactly how to do that. I don’t know if I should submit it as an extra blog or what. I know for a fact that none of it will get published, it’s just writing exercises for the time being.

To be honest, I’m actually kind of proud of this last one, despite it’s geeky roots. The criticisms weren’t too bad, a few minor adjustments is all. JMcHotdog said that I had greatly improved between my first writing exercise and this one (probably because all of the rewrites are starting to wire the better way of doing things in my head), he said, did a really good job of showing rather than telling, giving him a good sense for both characters.

However, as I am going to be sharing this, I feel like I should explain some of the terms. A miqo’te is a cat-like person with kitty ears and a tail, rogadyns are a huge humanoid race being tall and muscular, elezens are tall and graceful (kind of like elves, and hyur are pretty much just people with a fancy name, and lalafell are a tiny puntable kid-like race.