My Stress Is My Own Damn Fault. It’s Bad And I Should Feel Bad

Stress. It’s a part of everyone’s lives to different extents. Me? It’s probably worse than the average. The reason for this 20150201_200750is simple: I’m irresponsible and I like to procrastinate. Well, I don’t really like to, it just sort of happens. I find other things to do. Like Final Fantasy for instance. But can you blame me when I have an addictive personality and my little Gwen is just so cute? Of course you can’t. So, I play Final Fantasy, and I’m head honcho in the Free Company “Cthulhu Fthagn” (it’s a Lovecraft reference for all you lovely folks who may not know).

So. While Final Fantasy may be the root of all my stress, like a true addict, I refuse to give it up. As a direct result of this, I end up procrastinating until Sunday to do literally all of my homework for my Digital Literacy class even though that is exactly what I told myself I would not do.

It isn’t just this class that I procrastinate for either. It’s all of them. So due dates are a hard thing for me. Lack of due dates is even worse.

Naturally, when I read that we could choose a TED Talks of our very own, I chose one about stress. I guessed incorrectly that it would be a TED Talk about how to cope with stress, how to better manage your time, yadayadayada, but it wasn’t. It was a TED Talk completely about how it’s a good thing…that is…if you let it be. You see, stress, when you realize that it isn’t necessarily bad for you, is when it actually isn’t bad for you. Doesn’t make sense? She explains it better. Stress, when you believe it’s a bad thing, works as kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. When one learns to utilize their stress and look at your beating heart as bracing you for something new as opposed to slowly killing you.


Photo CC by Seaternity

^ Don’t do that. I do. I feel like I actually learned something. So even though I procrastinate, I’m going to embrace my sweaty palms, my racing heart, all that fun shit, and turn it into courage. I can brace myself for the long haul. I’ve done it before, and while I should find alternate ways of doing things (like doing them before the day they are due), I know I can survive by not.