There’s a few reasons why I prefer spiders to people. Spiders don’t talk, for one thing. They just sit there being cute doing spider things in silence eating things that come their way. They’re misunderstood, beautiful creatures. Did you know that here in first world countries like ours (home to such poisonous spiders as the loxosceles reclusa–the brown recluse– and the latrodectus– also known as the black widow) none have succumbed to the venom of a spider since the 1980’s? That’s right folks, these little eight-legged innocent creatures that you all want to burn alive are just little angels getting rid of disease carrying insects that you also simultaneously find annoying.

In fact, several different kinds of spiders have venom that is being used to help improve the human race through various medical discoveries. The world’s deadliest spider (Phoneutria also called the Brazilian Wandering Spider) has venom that is currently being used as a possibility to help solve erectile dysfunction. No big deal, right? Well, the Grammostola rosea, you may have heard me refer to them as a Chilean Rose tarantula, have venom that, with the help of recent medical discoveries, is doubling the life of those unfortunate enough to be born with the disease of muscular dystrophy. I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds pretty fuckin’ cool. That’s right, the spiders that are the same species as my little Layla are helping double lifespans.

Way to go, sweetheart!

Way to go, sweetheart!

That, and most spiders you come across will not attack you. You know the saying “they’re more afraid of you are than you are of them”? Well, it’s true. Again, they just kind of chill and do spider things getting rid of pesky insects for you, they are not out for human blood.

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The thing is, people don’t like them because they look a little different than you. They’ve got eight legs, more than two eyes, and fangs (which I might point out cats and dogs have fangs too *gasp* ). So, their anatomy is a bit different than ours. They look different. If only the discrimination was only against creepy crawlies though.

(Insert witty transition between spiders and actual point here)

People don’t only hate on spiders and snakes, they hate on others unlike themselves. They judged based on something so small as a color, belief system, or sexual orientation. Do you see a widow hating on a recluse because the recluse is a hunter/scavenger as opposed to a web weaver? No.  No you don’t. But you sure as hell can see it among people. It’s pathetic and depressing.

And discrimination is such a common practice that one can see it and not even think about it. That’s sad. How is it possible that someone can look at another human being and hate them because they are a different colour? Humanity has a potential to be such a beautiful thing because of rather than in spite of the diversity found within it.

But it isn’t. Which is why spiders are the superior species.

That poet is Lacy Roop with the poem “Boy Shark.”

So…why does color matter so much to people? I can try to answer this, but it wouldn’t ever make sense because it shouldn’t. Our society is fucked up. It’s been fucked up since civilization started. Here in the United States, our target is literally any minority. It seems as though if you aren’t white (or any of the other colors associated with having no pigment in the skin), you are automatically judge as being a criminal who needs to be marginalized by society.

A quick Google search of the boy Emmett Till will give you the perfect example as to what I am trying to get at here. The boy was lynched for cat calling a white woman. If someone can get killed for something as innocent as a whistle, I don’t want to be a part of this society. A Wreath For Emmett Till is a book you seriously want to check out if you want more on the subject. An illustrated verse novel, the book tells the story of fifteen-year- old Emmett and the injustice that was done to him.

This was one of the first verse novels I’ve ever read, and I was afraid at first. I didn’t want to miss anything too buried in metaphor. But Nelson doesn’t do that. She uses metaphor, yes, and even goes so far as to put the poetry into iambic pentameter, but it’s easy to read, and paints an image in our head that as a human you probably don’t want to see.


Each sonnet ends with the line the first one begins in, making each sonnet tie together as beautifully as the eulogy that Emmett Till deserves. It describes a young black boy not knowing any better and certainly not expecting his fate, because who would? Who would think that you could get killed for simply interacting with a woman of a different race? The human race is bull shit my friends. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, and it probably won’t be the last.

It opens your eyes. People do this shit to each other. And it’s fucked up. I was brought to tears thinking about how fucked up we are. THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED.


I’m with Lavi  on this one guys. I just want to live with my spiders and pretend I’m not part of this stupid species.