I’ve got one more blog post in me tonight, and it’s gonna be about Yaqui Delgado Wants To Kick Your Ass by Meg Medina since it’s still fresh in my little noggin. Apparently I’m on a Chicano kick this year because it seems a lot of the literature I’ve been reading has pertained to latinas. I finished Like Water For Chocolate not too long ago, and watched the movie. I don’t recommend it dubbed. It sucks dubbed. Really it’s more comical than it probably would have been subbed. Gertrudis is a bad ass.

ANYWAY. Back to the topic of Yaqui Delgado Wants To Kick Your Ass. It’s a pretty decent read. Definitely not the best read, but it’s definitely good. We follow around the main character whose name is Piddy. She’s a very smart, very gradey student. Her dream is to become a vet of large animals, particularly one for elephants. This made me happy because she kept drawing comparisons to elephants throughout the novel and African elephants just so happen to be my favorite animal right after every type of spider ever.

I mean c'mon. Who wouldn't want to take care of this little guy?

I mean c’mon. Who wouldn’t want to take care of this little guy?

Not only are they cute, but they’re smart. I can see why Piddy likes them so much. I mean, she’s smart too, so I guess I can see it. Anyway, it’s about a sixteen year old girl who gets transferred to a new school and has to leave behind virtually everyone that she cares about in her other school, except her best friend Mitzi who had already moved away. The book is very good at making the reader acquainted with different characters through Piddy’s eyes, and I was especially fond of Lila (I may or may not be partial to Lila because her name sounds similar to my daughter spider’s name of Layla. Good name choice, Medina, very good.).

So she gets transferred to this new school and she makes some friends, or a friend and a bitch friend. By a bitch friend, I mean I hate Darlene, even more than Yaqui. Rob’s cool though. He can stay. But…that could also be because he’s smart and nice, and the whole world could use more people like him. ANYWAY. At this new school she has a friend and a bitch but there’s this chick named Yaqui that wants to kick her ass for no particular reason. She gets bullied relentlessly all while her grades are slipping and she’s discovering that this boy from her old apartment complex is pretty awesome. I’ve got to say I shipped the two pretty hard, but you’ll have to read it to find out what happens. Just know that he has my stamp of approval. Gotta feel for the guy though.

This book makes me thankful that I pretty much only liked books and travelling in high school so I got to get the hell out of dodge a lot.

All in in all, I’d give the book a four out of five because I did not like how it just left Yaqui hanging. I mean, throughout the book it makes it apparent that she does not live a happy life and there’s gotta be some reason why she targets Piddy. That’s the one thing I will tell you about the book: that never gets resolved. As far as you know, Yaqui gets hit by a bus and dies a horrible cruel death. The thing is, even the bullies don’t live good lives, and maybe the bullies actually need as much help as the victims do, if only because maybe there’s a reason they’re bullying.

I mean. I’m not standing up for bullies. What they do is wrong. I was bullied. A lot of my friends were bullied. My siblings were bullied. It’s not easy to deal with. But the thing is, there’s gotta be a reason they are the way they are. Maybe they also need help. There was no help for Yaqui. And I feel for her despite the fact that she’s a raging bitch.

I guess that’s all. I wasn’t completely satisfied with the end. Made me sad for Yaqui. I mean, I’m glad for Piddy finally doing what she considered was right. But I still feel for Yaqui.