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So, I’ve been slacking, and I know this. I know it’s no excuse, but it’s hard to post when I have no Internet at home due to stupid roommate now ex-roommate issues. Won’t get into that here. However, I have been keeping up with my reading! Unfortunately, I haven’t been posting about it, so expect a burst of blogs within the next few days, particularly over the weekend, as tomorrow is my Friday (and hell-day) as far as work goes. A lot has happened since I’ve last written: I’ve read a lot of books, been to a lot of places, and am now officially welcoming a new member to my family! This new member is a Chilean Rose tarantula who is about as active as a plant, and easier to take care of than one. Everyone, say hello to Layla!


Isn’t she sweet?

So, as I said, I’ve been doing a lot of reading since the last time I posted, and so I’m going to group a lot of what I’ve read into groups. Tonight/today’s group shall me graphic novels. They’re my current favorite medium I guess you can say as far as the reading world goes. So I’m going to do a little bit of a book talk for the books The Arrival, 1140 Rue Royale tonight and Beautiful Beasts, and Saints tomorrow. Many of you have already heard of my fandom as far as all of these books, particularly Beautiful Beasts and 1140 Rue Royale. 

The Arrival


The Arrival by Shaun Tan is a beautifully illustrated graphic novel–and it has no words. As an avid reader who likes to take her time and read slowly, I especially took my time with this novel. Tan makes it apparent that you don’t need to have words to tell a beautiful, heartwarming story. The pictures in it each are painstakingly drawn to show every minute detail and beautiful shading despite its lack of color. Each of these pictures come together to tell the story of a man who has to leave home and go to a spectacular other-worldly place to escape horrible things in his own world. He has to leave his own family behind, and he misses them terribly (you can tell by the beautiful details aforementioned). I will not say anymore other than PICK THIS UP.

1140 Rue Royale


Photo taken from Twisby Reviews

This book. Wow. This book is amazing. Since I was little, I have always been a fan of Tim Burton, particularly his animated works like The Corpse Bride and especially The Nightmare Before Christmas. I was always in love with the characters’ tall, lanky bodies and the dark feeling of every movie. Now imagine all of that glory in graphic novel form. You’ve got that right here. I mean, check out the main characters from both The Corpse Bride and 1140 Rue Royale:




Taken from Fanpop.com

….I’m just saying though. Like Tim Burton’s work, this graphic novel has very, very dark undertones to it, but hey, I like that shit! The novel is also very…graphic (haha, made a punny!) The novel seems to take it a step further than Tim Burton and not only has a much darker plot than what we’re used to seeing in Tim Burton’s kids movies, but Scrambly wasn’t afraid of blood and gruesome concepts either. The end will throw you for a loop as it’s probably not one you’d expect unless you’re familiar with the genre, so I won’t say anymore!

Those were the book talks for today, I hope to be back tomorrow if I haven’t died of exhaustion by then, and I feel sorry for all of you folks who have to bear witness to me in class tomorrow–it’s gonna be a pretty pathetic night. G’night all!