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Actually, it’s really fucking cool. I started reading The Hunger Games (finally, I’ve been meaning to) because it’s on the syllabus for my young adult literature class. In fact, I read the second one as well, and will be starting and probably finishing the third one tomorrow. And! Because of the fact that I finally pulled my head out of my ass and read the book, I allowed myself to see the movie which unbelievably is only slightly disappointing (meaning that they did a pretty alright job). So, as pretty much everyone knows because they read it far before I did, it takes place in a dystopian future where the Capitol pretty much runs everything. There are 12 surrounding districts, all having to answer to the Capitol, and are pretty much fucked in the way of getting to have running water, effective clothing, or even food. In fact, starvation is a pretty common thing. So common in fact, that twelve to eighteen year olds have the option to put their name in for this drawing for these fucked up forced games called The Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games consist of each district sending forth one male and one female tribute between the ages of twelve to eighteen to fight to the death. Pretty metal right? I think so. The novel revolves around one of these tributes who actually volunteers after her sister’s name is drawn. Katniss Everdeen is essentially a bad ass, and every feminist’s wet dream.


And she’s pretty sexy so there’s that.

   The reason I say she’s every feminists’ wet dream is because of the fact that she is actually a strong female lead who doesn’t dress like a skank to be a bad ass. She just is. I feel like she’s more of a bad ass in the books than she is in the movie (which is pretty impressive if you ask me). Not needing a man, though, they kind of fall out of the sky for her. Her best friend throughout the years, Gale, turns out to have a boner for her, and then when she gets to the Capitol she finds that her opponent and fellow tribute from District 12 also does. She finds out about Peeta first when he announces it to the world.

   Thing is, she’s dense enough she doesn’t get that Peeta is head over heels in love with her despite the fact that he’s basically waving air traffic control signals to her.She thinks it’s an act because she’s not the type to go weak in the knees for a guy. Or even care, really. For the first book, all she really cares about is survival, whether Peeta is alive or not. So, she goes through the entire novel pretending to be in love with him whilst he’s actually in love with her. It’s kind of a riot.


Poor, poor Peeta. Heh, heh

   What I hate though is that Suzanne Collins is as mean as George R.R. Martin but in a different way. Instead of getting attached to characters and having a terrible shock when you think everything is going to be fine and they get their head whacked off in the next episode, she starts the book with the knowledge that a vast majority of the characters are going to die, and you know they have to. What they both do to torture you is make lovable characters only to kill them off. Rue, for example.


Why Rue, whyyy?

All in all, I must say I loved it. I’m glad I jumped on the bandwagon. Looking forward to the next book as well as watching the upcoming movie!