About Me

Tristen Hust came back from the year 2545 A.L. from the planet Pern to observe the First World first hand. After the threat of Threadfall ceased, Tristen with her bronze dragon Franz began to experiment with the teleporting ability that these lovely not-quite reptilian creatures were known for. It went right when she and Franz discovered that not only could they teleport short distances together, but travel to other planets and different timelines all together so long as both rider and dragon could easily picture where it was they were going.

Nebraska in the year 2015 was chosen by both dragon and rider, as the wide open plains made for great flying and research could easily be done from the obscure location. Franz, while having some trouble remaining hidden from these primitive peoples, finds places to stay during the day, coming out at night to take nightly rides with his human companion. His human companion opted to go under the guise of an over-paying college student, studying literature. This not only provided history lessons for her, but gave insight as to the culture of the primitive people of the First World.

Staying on the First World would provide some useful information to bring back to Pern, as the history books don’t contain much information, if any at all, of life before the Landing in the year 0. She intends to stay long enough to accumulate thousands of dollars in debt to accrue a Master of Arts in literature followed by her doctorate. After, she will teleport back to Pern with her findings.


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